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J.A. Trucking, Inc. commenced operations in 1984 and has experienced continuous growth.  We attribute our growth to our commitment to provide excellent economical service to our customers. We specialize in shipping dry van truckload freight east of the Mississippi River. We believe that our employees not our equipment have made our organization successful.

Our people solve problems, not create them

We are dedicated to "Just-in-Time" service

No customer is too small or too large for us to service

Our present customers are primarily grocery warehouses, retail store outlets and automotive manufacturers. These customers require pickup and delivery by appointment. We have maintained over a 98% on-time pickup and delivery record.


  • Owned and Operated Company Tractors. 
  • 53-Foot Dry Van Trailers.
  • We only haul clean dry freight.

  • We NEVER haul garbage, scrap or hazardous materials.

  • Drop trailers are available to better service our customers.  

  • Local drivers to deliver shipments in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Area.

  • Department of Transportation Operating Authority ICC MC 182834 Contract Carrier Authority for 48 states
  • Department of Transportation Operating Authority ICC MC 182834 Sub 2 Common Carrier Authority for 48 States
  • Pennsylvania Public Utility Authority Docket A-00115904

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance in the amount of $ 1,000,000

  • Truck/Automobile Liability Insurance in the amount of $ 1,000,000

  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance in the amount of $ 250,000

  • Worker's Compensation Insurance

We want to utilize our expertise and facilities to economically assist you, in meeting your traffic needs within our area of travel. A map showing our area of travel is enclosed.   

We thank you for the opportunity to present J.A. Trucking, Inc. to your company

"Let us work hard for you!"