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Recruiting Bonus

When we hire a driver that you refer to us (company driver or owner operator), we will pay you .01 a mile for every practical mile that your recruited driver travels for the first 2 years of his/her employment.


This bonus is paid to you monthly.


Roadside Inspections Bonus

Roadside inspections are a pain, but for every DOT roadside inspection without a violation, we reward you with $25.


This bonus is paid to you when you return the roadside examination report.


Longevity Bonus

For every year that you are here we will reward you for your years of service.  What you do with that reward is entirely up to you.


If you want to invest it, we can recommend a financial planner or you can use your own.


If you need to use the cash now, you can do that as well.  It is your money.


How much do you get?


1 year anniversary  = $ 100

2 year anniversary  = $ 200

3 year anniversary  = $ 300

4 year anniversary  = $ 400


For your fith anniversary, you will get $100 for the first 4 years and $125 additional for years 5 through 9.


5 year anniversary  = $ 525

6 year anniversary  = $ 650

7 year anniversary  = $ 775

8 year anniversary  = $ 900

9 year anniversary  = $ 1025


For your tenth anniversary, you will get $100 for the first 4 years and $125 additional for years 5 through 9 and $150 for years 10 and above.


10 year anniversary  = $ 1175

11 year anniversary  = $ 1325

12 year anniversary  = $ 1475


At year 20 you would receive $2675


This bonus is paid to you yearly, on the Friday after your hire date anniversary.






Why us?

We are a small, family oriented, local business with 30 years of experience.  Our drivers are home weekends and come through the area often during the week.


At J.A. Trucking,  you are a name not a number.



How we pay

We pay on practical mileage or by the hour.  Taking loads to the East coast will earn you more money.


Payroll is every Friday.  You will be paid for all loads turned in on the Monday of that week.


Out pay structure is different from most companies and would be happy to go over it with you in more detail.  Drive and be rewarded for your work.


Health Insurance

We offer UPMC


Lease Purchase Program

Want to be your own boss?  We can help you with that.



Driver Bonuses

Unlike some companies, we want you to get our payroll bonuses.  Participation is optional, but why pass up easy money?



Fuel Rewards Bonus

When you fill up your truck with diesel fuel priced at or below the national average fuel price, we will split  the savings difference with you.


In addition to the reward, you are entered into a quarterly drawing for a $200 visa gift card.


The more rewards you get, the more chances you get for the quarterly drawing.


This bonus is paid to you weekly.








What can you make driving for us?


Some companies play with the numbers, we prefer to shoot straight.  At the end of the year when it is all said and done, you should make $50,000 plus as a driver for us.


And if you are:




23 years or older, Have a valid CDL drivers license, 2 years or more of driving experience, and a relatively clean MVR




Where we go

Give us a call toll free at (800) 554-5325 and we can answer any questions you may have.


212 Country Lane

(800) 554-5325      Fax: (724) 872-0804

West Newton, Pa 15089